A downloadable LowDebit for Windows

In this game you must take arms to defend YOUR Internet, because obviously yours is better than the others ! Link houses and buildings starting from generators and either play it safe by taking the shortest path or try to multiply your gains by making the longest connection you can think of, but be careful, your neighbours will try to create their own high debit paradise and they won't stop until one of you is the indisputed Fiber-King !

4 players Required ( there is no AI so you need 4 controllers to launch the game).

Commands :

-( XboX ) Controller :

A - Start a cable from a pylon then maintain A close to another pylon to attach it

B - Abandon current cable

X - Cut yours or your opponents Cables

RT - Hit your ennemies ( if you hit them while they're cutting a cable they'll be stunned )

KeyBoard :

- Uuuuh.... you'll have to find out, our programmer forgot to write them down, so good luck ! (Note : they may not even work !)


LowDebit.7z 57 MB

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